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Award Type and NFQ Level:
Course code: ARTS
CAO/PAC code: MH101
Points: 310
QQI: Yes click here for details
Closing date: 01 July 2024
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Statistics deals with the collection, analysis and interpretation of data. You will learn how to use statistical models and visualisation methods to unlock valuable information and hidden patterns in large volumes of data.

  • A degree in Statistics will provide you with tools to address problems of critical importance to humans such as climate change, developing cancer drugs or managing traffic flows.
  • We offer Statistics as a Double Major subject which can be combined with most other academic subjects in the Bachelor of Arts degree. This flexibility means you can combine your interest in aspects of society with knowledge of the statistical tools needed to understand data from those fields.
  • Data recording is happening at unprecedented levels on local, national and global scales. The ability to transform data into usable knowledge is a highly sought after and desirable skill in today’s workforce, be it in business, science, health or social sciences. This subject will strongly enhance your employability.
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