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Award Type and NFQ Level: UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE (8)
Course code: BUSAC
CAO/PAC code: MH407
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Required Required module
A required module is a module in a subject which must be passed without compensation in order to progress in that subject.

International International module
An international module is a module available to short term, visiting international students registered with Maynooth University for either one semester or one academic year but who are not taking the full degree programme of study with Maynooth University.


B.B.S. Business  & Accounting (BUSAC) is a three year course.  If students wish to opt for (i) a Year's Work Placement or (ii) a Year abroad, they switch to the following qualification codes in Year 3: 

(i) B.B.A. Business & Accounting with placement (BUSACW) 


(ii) B.B.A. International (Business and Accounting) (BUACCI). 

Refer to B.B.A. in either programme for details. 

Open Year 1
Open Year 2
Open Year 3
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