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Postgraduate LOCAL HISTORY P/T

Award Type and NFQ Level: TAUGHT MASTERS (9)
Course code: HYLP6
PAC code: MHP55
Closing date: 31 July 2024
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‘Local History’ is the study of a particular place or region in the past, including its people, culture and events. It is the foundation upon which a sense of community and belonging is built. It examines closely how historic incidents and individuals have affected the development of the region in question, providing a deeper understanding of the past and how it has shaped the present.

The MA in Local History at Maynooth University prepares students to research their chosen place, identifying and analysing sources, compiling evidence, structuring a dissertation and producing a final written thesis. An interdisciplinary approach grounded in history draws on complementary fields such as anthropology, archaeology, geography and sociology. This focus on specific places and communities has the potential to uncover previously unknown or overlooked aspects of history, while there is a parallel emphasis on understanding the past in relation to the present.


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