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Module code: MN340
Credits: 5
Semester: 1
Department: BUSINESS
International: Yes
Overview Overview

This module considers the analysis, formulation, and implementation of strategy. Strategy seeks to convert the purpose of an organisation into a plan that brings that purpose to life. Core to purpose is what the organisation is seeking to do for its customers and society. Strategy is about how to collectively improve the performance of the firm in achieving its purpose. Strategy is fundamentally a team-based process, where individuals with the expertise and experience to achieve the purpose of the organisation combine together to create and implement a coordinated plan to achieve purpose. Often, these individuals will have worked in separate parts of the organisation and may have limited prior experience of working together, with varying interest in collective strategy, as opposed to their function expertise. The interaction between people, functional expertise and levels within an organisation are a key element of the strategy experience.

Thus, both business level and corporate level strategy are considered in this module. Central to this module is an understanding of the competitive environment and its interaction with choices about how a firm grows and organises itself to succeed. A central purpose of strategy formulation and implementation is to improve the relative performance of a firm, rooted in the achievement of an organisationís purpose. This module uses concepts from management and economics to provide students with an understanding of the foundations upon which the process of strategy formulation and implementation is based.

Your learning about strategy will be supported by a series of lectures, where core concepts and tools are introduced and tutorials, which support the development of your group and individual project. This approach mirrors the reality of Strategy, where one undertakes individual work, and ultimately coordinates work between groups of people from different backgrounds and expertise to recommend a strategy and methods for implementation. Key to your learning journey is that you actively read the materials to understand the context of the lectures and actively engage in both the individual and group project process. As with strategy in reality, your outcome performance is a blend of your individual work, your ability to work with teams of difference, and the collective strategy and implementation plan that you develop.

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