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Module code: MN329
Credits: 5
Semester: 1
Department: BUSINESS
International: Yes
Overview Overview

In a digitally connected world, it is becoming increasingly important that social media and social networking skills are integrated into our business and marketing programmes. Social media has grown to be one of the primary communication channels on the internet. It has also become an essential component to many organisations in their digital marketing strategies.

Social media has revolutionised how we buy. We now react to social media messages and can often purchase directly from retailers within social media platforms. The social media landscape is continually changing from the (relative) demise of Twitter to the rise of Instagram and the fast-emerging phenomenon that is TikTok. This has led to a lot of questions are the individual level. Examples include the following. How does this new online consumer act and how are they different to traditional offline consumers? How do influencers actually influence? How do online communities work especially those that operate asynchronously?

This module also takes an organisational perspective and looks at how different social media tools can work together to create an integrated marketing communications strategy. As organisations are spending more and more on social media, the question should be asked: what is the return on their investment? In other words, is a Like, Comment or Share worth money?

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