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Module code: MN325
Credits: 5
Semester: 1
Department: BUSINESS
International: Yes
Overview Overview

This module continues and deepens the understanding of human resource management that students gained in their second year on the programme. Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) stresses the importance of people (human resources) management for organisations in achieving and maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage in the market place. SHRM focuses on longer-term people concerns, such as total rewards, employee engagement, talent management, as well as meso concerns concerning structure, culture, strategic fit and performance. As such, the inclusion of human resource management policies, processes and practices as core within the organisationís corporate strategy framework is emphasised. The module assesses what strategic HRM prescribes and delivers in reality, acknowledging the constraints under which organisations operate. The importance of perceived organisational justice in explaining employee reactions to HRM policies and practices is unpacked. Contemporary developments in the field are explored with regards to the implications these have for SHRM (such as increased prominence of the psychological contract and the growing use of flexible working practices, short-term contracts and telework, that have profoundly reshaped the employment relationship).

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