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Module code: LW494
Credits: 10
Semester: 2
International: Yes
Overview Overview

The module examines the fundamental provisions of EU competition law, in particular Articles 101 and 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), and the main rules related of EU State aid control (Arts. 107 and 108 TFEU) through the prism of the Court of Justiceís case law. It also examines the enforcement mechanisms used to combat and/or remedy anticompetitive practices and undue public interventions in the economy.
The module adopts an interdisciplinary approach, which reaches beyond the legal discourse to consider the economic and political implications of competition and State aid.

The main goal of the module is to provide students with a sound introduction to the key legal rules and underlying economic concepts of EU competition law and State aid.

Any aspect of this module may be changed in any given academic year, subject to the discretion of the module lecturer.

Indicative topic list:
1. The economic and legal foundations of competition law
2. Sources of EU competition law
3. Scope of application of EU competition law and the relationship between EU and national competition law
4. Key concepts of Article 101 TFEU
5. Article 102 TFEU
6. Public and private enforcement of EU competition law
7. EU State ai control
8. The notion of aid
9. De Jure and discretionary derogations
10. The General Block Exemption Regulation
11. Art. 108 TFEU
12. Services of General Economic Interest

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