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Module code: KD631V
Credits: 10
Semester: Year-Long
International: Yes
Overview Overview

The core aim of this module is to develop learners' understanding of the basic drivers around growth, inequality and sustainability within development on both a global level, also in the context of their own society. Module participants will explore the interconnections between economics, politics and the environment in the context of development policy and practice; Reflect on notions of inequality and on its policy and social implications with respective to development; Examine the roles and influence of the Multilateral International Financial Institutions and the World Trade Organisations in shaping the global development agenda; Debates around their representativeness; Review aid typologies, donor trends, and current debates on aid effectiveness; Analyse the positive and negatives associated with the use of natural resources in development and understand the shifting economic and political shape of development, The influence of China and the rise of the left in Latin America, along with a look at the development alternatives to economic growth. This module is available in both a classroom setting and as an online/distance option. NOTE: this module is not intended for undergraduate students. however, if you are an undergraduate level student and interested in taking this module, you will need to contact the Department of International Development for permission. Email

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