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Module code: GN630
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
Department: GERMAN
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr Linda Shortt (GERMAN)
Overview Overview

This module examines ideas of home and Heimat, looking at the different ways in which belonging and the desire to belong are being articulated, problematised and understood in twentieth and twenty-first century German-language culture and debates. It engages critically with concepts of belonging and adopts a historical and comparative approach to analyse different cultural and political attempts to “re-load Heimat” after 1945 as a concept without historical baggage. Investigating how Heimat and home are often used as emotionally-loaded rallying cries to mobilise the masses, protect particular spaces, and exclude others (not least in the 2015 so-called refugee crisis), this module attends to the strategies, politics, and poetics of (non-)belonging.
All primary material will be available in English translation.

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