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Module code: EP420
Credits: 5
Semester: 1
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr Creidhe O'Sullivan (EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS)
Overview Overview

The aim of this module is to develop advanced concepts and formal methods of quantum mechanics and their application to atomic physics.

Module content

Quantum Physics: Time-dependent Schrödinger equation, operator formalism, eigenvalue equations, probability amplitudes, angular momentum, commutation relations, Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, matrix mechanics, spin one-half system, perturbation theory, two-particle systems.

Atomic Physics: fine structure of hydrogen atom, Lamb shift, radiative transitions, introduction to laser spectroscopy, alkali atoms and quantum defect, hyperfine structure, helium atom, exclusion principle, LS and jj coupling in multi-electron atoms, atoms in external fields, cooling and trapping of atoms, Bose-Einstein condensation.

This module specifically addresses the following topics of the Core of Physics, as defined by Institute of Physics:

- Calculus to the level of multiple integrals; solution of linear ordinary and differential equations

- Three-dimensional trigonometry

- Matrices to the level of eigenvalues and eigenvectors

- Wave function and its interpretation

- Standard solutions and quantum numbers,to the level of the hydrogen atom

- First order time independent perturbation theory

- Quantum structure and spectra of simple atoms

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