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Module code: CY650
Credits: 5
Semester: Year-Long
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr Marianne O'Shea (APPLIED SOCIAL STUDIES)
Overview Overview

Community work and youth work practitioners seek to work with communities and young people to identify, analyse and address the issues and inequalities that are facing them. This module will provide an opportunity for students of the Certificate in Global Citizenship Education develop an understanding of how community workers and youth workers do this. It will support students to develop and apply a global lens on the issues that emerge for communities and young people.

The module will provide students with an overview of key areas of debate at local and global levels and their implications for the future, seeking to link community and youth work practice in the global north with issues and outcomes in the global south.

It will also explore aspects of development and development education appropriate to youth work and community work contexts and consider how concepts and practices relating to Global Citizenship Education can contribute to identifying, analysing and addressing the issues and inequalities that emerge at local level.

On successful completion of the module, students should be able to:

Demonstrate familiarity with some major theoretical, policy and practice issues in contemporary development discourses

Critically analyse a variety of dimensions of development including gender, health, ethnicity, geographic, economic etc

Explain some connections between poverty, migration, globalisation, human rights, development, and community work and youth work

Situate development work and community work as related and complementary practices, including consideration of key organisations, statutory and voluntary, operating nationally and internationally

Critically evaluate the contribution of global youth work to an appreciation of global dimensions of development

Demonstrate an appreciation of the principles, values and ethical basis of Global Citizenship Education practice

Demonstrate an understanding of how community and youth workers seek to integrate the SDG’s and other global commitments into their analysis, practice, and policy development processes

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