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Module code: CY216V
Credits: 10
Semester: 1
Quota: Restricted entry, contact department for details before registering
International: Yes
Overview Overview

Sociological perspectives on ''youth'' and ''community''; Key debates in community/youth studies; Young people in contemporary society; Changing and emerging communities. Sociology of education; Social stratification and social class; Crime and deviance; Media and popular cultgure; Contemporary social change. Introduction to basic concepts and principles: - welfare, equality, redistribution, citizenship, and welfare state, selectivity & universality, citizenship and social policy; Origins of social policy and the welfare state - historical and sociological approaches; Key policy issues today: social exclusion, ageing, migration; disability; Application to Ireland. Psychology: its nature and concerns, major theoretical approaches; Perspectives on development; Social Psychology, interpersonal communication; prosocial behaviour; prejudice and oppression.

Please note that this module is available to visiting international students only. Students must be studying youth work or community work/development in their home university. Interested students must contact the Department of Applied Social Studies before registering.

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