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Module code: BI426
Credits: 2.5
Semester: Year-Long
Department: BIOLOGY
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr Fiona Walsh (BIOLOGY), Dr Jim Carolan (BIOLOGY)
Overview Overview

Students select one from a selection of advanced laboratory practicals (3x3 hours each). While the choice of practicals offered may vary from year to year, typical topics include: Protein Oligomerisation Analysis, Applied Medical Mycology, Plant Biotechnology, Clinical Applications 1&2, Molecular Cloning, Comparative Genomics of Pathogenic Bacteria, Immunology: Assessment of Antibody response by ELISA & Detection of Proteins by Western Blotting, Mammalian Cell Culture, Protein Modifications, Behavioural Observation.

Students also select one from a selection of personal/professional development options (approx. 8x1 hours each). The choice of professionals offered may vary from year to year. Details will be provided to student in week1 of Semester 1 by the Biology department.

Restricted Entry: Third year grades and/or a written statement of interest may be used to allocate a limited number of spaces. Biology department will oversee allocation. Students may be required to amend module registration after project allocation to ensure sufficient credit in the year.

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