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Module code: KD260
Credits: 5
Semester: 1
International: Yes
Overview Overview

This first semester module is part of a special Elective Stream, jointly offered by the Departments of International Development and Anthropology.
It is formally known as: Perspectives on Poverty and Development: Principles, Practices and Approaches.

The second part of this Elective stream KD261 - Anthropological Perspectives on Poverty and Development, will be offered in the second semester.
This module (KD260) is also offered as a stand-alone elective: Participatory Development Practice (KD208) to second year International Development students and similarly,
KD261 may be taken as a separate elective (AN234) by second-year Anthropology students.

The main goal is to introduce students to some of the key principles and approaches recommended for use within development practice as well as to anthropological perspectives on development. Students will be encouraged to explore theories and concepts underpinning current approaches and to develop a critically reflective attitude in examining them.
It is proposed that the stream would be structured to allow students to complete the Participatory Development Practice module in Semester 1, and that this would establish a good foundation for them to undertake the module in Anthropological Perspectives in the second Semester.

The aim of this module is to introduce students to some key ideas and approaches within a model of development practice which is sometimes called 'people-centered', 'participatory' or 'alternative'. These approaches provide a challenge to 'mainstream' or 'conventional' development interventions, and thereby encourage critical reflection on how development is, and should be, practiced.
The main topic headings are: Examining Different Perspectives of Development; Exploring Key Concepts; Critiques of Participatory Development; Exploring Core Principles of people centered development; the Role of the development practitioner; contemporary development practice (case studies).
Readings will be drawn from such sources as Peet and Hardwick, E. (2009) Theories of Development; Chambers (1997) Whose Reality Counts? Eade (1997) Capacity Building: A people-centered development Wills (2011) Theories and Practice of Development; Hickey and Mohan (eds) (2004) Participation: From Tyranny to Transformation?

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