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Award Type and NFQ Level: UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE (8)
Course code: PPE
CAO/PAC code: MH120
Points: n/a
QQI: Yes click here for details
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PPE brings together some of the most important approaches to gain the necessary abilities and understanding to deal with the challenge of globalisation and a globalised economy, democracy and becoming a responsible citizen by addressing the intrinsic relationships between these subjects.

In studying philosophy, students will be able to identify and gain an understanding of the philosophical concepts underlying many political, social, economic and ethical theories. Furthermore, they will develop their ability to think critically and logically, analyse arguments, and be able to apply these skills to address problems connected with the key ideas mentioned above.

The study of politics provides a thorough understanding of the different ways in which politics shapes our lives, the various forms that politics takes, and how politics is organised differently around the world. Studying Politics in Maynooth focuses on the three interweaving strands active citizenship, political sociology and political institutions.

The study of Economics provides the students with an in-depth understanding of how consumers, firms and government make decisions that together determine how resources are allocated. An appreciation of economics and the general workings of the economy has become increasingly necessary to make sense of governmental policy-making, the conduct of businesses and the enormous changes in economic systems occurring throughout the world.

The objective of this course is to provide students with the possibility to engage with civic society and responsible citizenship and the skills necessary for an in-depth understanding of the social and economic world and the key ideas such as democracy, culture, conflict, globalization, equality, diversity and sustainable development.


Applicants are required to have a minimum of six subjects in the Irish Leaving Certificate with two Higher Level papers at C3 and four Ordinary or Higher Level papers at grade D3

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