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Award Type and NFQ Level: CERTIFICATE LEVEL 9
Course code: PCAN
CAO/PAC code: MHC57
Closing date: 30 June 2021
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Students take a total of 40 credits over 1 year.


Compulsory Modules (30 credits)

AN651 Social Thought (10 credits)

AN653 Writing Cultures (10 credits)

AN652 Key Concepts in Anthropology (10 credits)

AN649 Foundations of Anthropology & Development (5 credits)


Optional Modules (subject to availability)

AN646 Foundations of Linguistic Anthropology (5 credits)

AN647 Foundations of Medical Anthropology (5 credits)

AN648 Foundations of Material Culture and Design (5 credits)

AN657 Ethnographic Ireland (5 credits)

AN630 Creole Culture (5 credits)

PD606 Design Ethnography (7.5 credits)

PD602 People, Society and Design (5 credits)

GY619 Public Engagement Research and Practice (10 credits)

GY625 Spaces of Algorithmic Governance (10 credits)

GY627 Places, Landscapes, Mappings (10 credits)

GY629 Spatial Justice: Geographies of Social & Environmental Change (10 credits)

MD622 Critical & Creative Media Research (10 credits)

MD624 Irish Media History (10 credits)

MD626 Media Archives (10 credits)

MD629 Screen Production: Formats and Genres (10 credits)

MD630 Creative Interactive Computing (10 credits)

MD631 Writing for Screen Media (10 credits)

MD632 Media Publics: Digital Media, Public Discourse and Politics (10 credits)


This course can serve as a foundation for further work to complete an MA in Anthropology & Development.

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