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Module code: PD218
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
Quota: 80
International: No
Coordinator: Dr Aldo Valencia (DESIGN INNOVATION)
Overview Overview

Everybody is a winner.

The annual EDEN competition ties in with the national Irish Enterprise Competition providing an opportunity to win financial support locally, but also to get students' ideas recognised on a national platform. For those that do not win EDEN prize money they still have a product or service that can be developed and a collaborative experience that can have value in their longterm professional life. The module also ties in with other parallel entrepreneurship competitions that run nationally.

Between inventions and innovation there is an entrepreneurial effort. Inventors without an entrepreneurial attitude don't take their ideas forward. An entrepreneur might not be an innovator, but it is the manager behind the uncertainty and the chaos. Design, innovation and entrepreneurship are closely related. This module aims to establish an innovation ecosystem to facilitate the emergence and the materialization of ideas. The current state of technology enables people to prototype, distribute and get access to funding at a rate without precedent. This module is 'hands-on', 'hypothesis driven' to encourage an exploitative mindset. It will show students a way to influence their community and environment in a proactive take on their future.

Building on the team building and problem solving exercises in module 1, this module has a series of workshops to help develop business ideas and how to articulate them in pitch presentations and on video (now the required media for first round competitions). Writing business plans and understanding how to protect intellectual property are also covered.

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