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Module code: MN806
Credits: 5
Semester: Year-Long
Department: BUSINESS
International: No
Overview Overview

Having developed a literature review, where the student has identified a relevant and compelling set of research questions, and having demonstrated an understanding of an appropriate stream of research from MN805, the next question is how to design a research study that can translate these contributions into reality. This module will enable students to make a careful assessment of an appropriate research design, including specific methods for collecting data. Students will evaluate different research designs and will discuss the appropriateness of specific research designs and research methods by reference to the research questions, literature, and competing research design options.

Students will be introduced to selected research designs. Students will need to carefully consider the underlying assumptions upon which a research design is based, the mechanics of its implementation, and the wider context in which a research design is deployed in the field and the outputs may be interpreted by the research and practice community. The choice of a specific research design is often subject to intense scholarly debates. This module intends to assist students to develop appropriate responses to these debates and to develop convincing arguments for justifying the appropriateness of their research design.

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