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Module code: KD261
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
International: Yes
Overview Overview

The second part of this Elective stream KD261 - Anthropological Perspectives on Poverty and Development, will be offered in the second semester.
KD261 is also offered as a separate, stand-alone elective to second-year Anthropology Students, under the course code AN234.
This module tries to familiarise students with critical anthropological perspectives on global poverty and inequality, and the efforts to address it, using a core ethnography and shorter theoretical texts.
It begins by considering the long historical process of the making of the contemporary Global South, and goes on to probe the exacerbation of global inequality in the era of globalisation.
Excerpts from key texts by Worsley, Appadurai and Scheper-Hughes are among the readings assigned for the first segment of this module.
The second segment is based on a close textual reading of the classic ethnography on the subject of development, James Ferguson's 'The Anti-Politics Machine'.
This module is a standalone module offered in the Anthropology Department; it is also the second half of the elective stream 'Perspectives on Poverty and Development', which is a teaching collaboration between the International Development and the Anthropology departments.

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