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Module code: EDF606
Credits: 7.5
Semester: Year-Long
International: No
Coordinator: Patsy Stafford (FROEBEL EDUCATION)
Overview Overview

This module addresses two distinct components in the primary classroom i.e. 1) language, literature and literacy and 2) mathematics and scientific enquiry.

In relation to language and literacy, it addresses the processes and experiences involved in the teaching and learning of languages, literacy practices and the socio-cultural dimensions of literature. It provides students with an overview of oral, reading and writing systems of communication and the pedagogical and literary approaches to children's linguistic engagement and development, with particular focus on English and Irish.

This bilingual module will encompass the cognate subject areas of English methodologies, Children's Literature, Modhanna Múinte, Litríocht na Gaeilge do Pháistí and Language Development.

In English Methodologies, emergent literacy will be studied in depth with particular emphasis on play as a methodology. Students are introduced to the definitions of reading, the principles underpinning highly effective literacy pedagogy, stages in the teaching of reading and writing in addition to practical activities which promote language enrichment and development.
In English literature, students will explore a range of literary genres and multimedia narratives as well as these texts' potential for supporting and stimulating learning environments and creative opportunities for young people.

The communicative approach to the teaching of additional languages and associated methodologies in the primary school classroom will be explored. The focus will be on methodologies that can be used to develop pupils’ listening, speaking, reading and writing in the Irish language in primary school. Current theory and best practices will be explored.

In the mathematics and scientific enquiry component of this module, students are introduced to theories of emergent numeracy, number acquisition, mathematical and scientific learning, content knowledge, methodologies, skills and resources appropriate to all classes across the spectrum in primary schools. Current mathematics and science curriculum documents will be explicated, discussed and experienced in hands-on workshops in order that students gain an insight into the concepts, skills and practical methodologies required for teaching and learning in these subjects.

The module addresses the creation of an enquiry-based and independent learning environment involving the utilisation of the indoor and outdoor environments. Linkage and integration across the curriculum, particularly through project work is also explored.

Additionally, this module addresses methods of children recording their work, documentation and assessment of children’s work including self and peer evaluation. Students will investigate the appropriate uses of ICT regarding the teaching and learning of language, literature and literacy.

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