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Module code: BI880
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
Department: BIOLOGY
International: No
Overview Overview

Topics covered include: DNA polymorphism and molecular markers, particularly microsatellites and Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphisms (AFLPs); Sexual recombination, allele inheritance and natural selection; Statistical methods and bioinformatics tools for analyzing gene flow and inferring historical biogeographic relationships: Wright’s indices, pairwise dis/similarity and hierarchical clustering; Gene flow between crops and wild plants; The risks and hazards of gene-flow from GM crops; Plate-tectonics, climate cycles and glaciation; Historical biogeography and tracing migration using nuclear, mitochondrial and chloroplast DNA markers; The postglacial colonization of Europe by animals and plants: dispersal waves, hybridization zones and extinction events; Population structure of tropical rainforest plants; Conservation genetics of endangered mammals; The biogeographic impact of continent collisions – recent invasions in Tropical Central America and Southeast Asia.

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