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Module code: BI807
Credits: 5
Semester: Year-Long
Department: BIOLOGY
International: No
Coordinator: Dr Marion Butler (BIOLOGY)
Overview Overview

The course is lecture-based with prescribed additional reading and self-directed private study. The course examines the question “What is Cancer?” To answer this, the following topics are explored: Control of the Cell division cycle; Cyclins and cyclin dependent kinases; Oncogenes, Tumour suppressor genes; DNA and RNA tumour viruses; Familial cancers; a detailed study of the role of the Rb gene; P53 as the guardian of the genome; Cell death; Positive and negative induction of apoptosis; the execution phase of apoptosis; beyond the molecular biology of cancer; how the body resists neoplasia; tumour progression; Angiogenesis, how diagnosis is made; the major therapeutic interventions (existing therapies and new therapies).

Contact Dr. Marion Butler ( if you register for this module.

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