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Module code: BI407
Credits: 5
Semester: 1
Quota: 115
Department: BIOLOGY
International: Yes
Coordinator: Bernard Mahon (BIOLOGY)
Overview Overview

The course is lecture based with prescribed additional reading and self directed private study. The course examines the question “What is Cancer?” To answer this, the following topics are explored: Control of the Cell division cycle; Cyclins and cyclin dependent kinases; Oncogenes, Tumour suppressor genes; DNA and RNA tumour viruses; Familial cancers; a detailed study of the role of the Rb gene; P53 as the guardian of the genome; Cell death; Positive and negative induction of apoptosis; the execution phase of apoptosis; beyond the molecular biology of cancer; how the body resists neoplasia; tumour progression; Angiogenesis, how diagnosis is made; the major therapeutic interventions (existing therapies and new therapies).

This module is capped at 115 students.

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