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Award Type and NFQ Level:
Course code: SCI
CAO/PAC code: MH201
Points: 400
QQI: Yes click here for details
Closing date: 01 July 2023
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Data Science is the science of collating, managing, analysing, visualising and understanding data. It is key to unlocking the hidden wisdom that is stored in the vast amounts of data available in today’s world.

  • In MH201, students have the opportunity to study Data Science as a subject in year 1 of their degree. This year 1 subject will introduce students to the basics of how to manipulate, visualise and ‘bring to life’ large volumes of data.
  • The hands on data experience that will be gained in year 1 Data Science will be invaluable to any scientist, whether they plan to pursue the life sciences (e.g. Biology), the physical sciences (e.g. Experimental Physics) or are more interested in the highly quantitative sciences (e.g. Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science).
  • Data Science in year 1 is an excellent companion to all other year 1 science subjects*. Why is this? Well, all scientists collect data – by taking Data Science in year 1, you will gain skills in how to make sense of this data, providing you with invaluable tools that will ultimately improve your employability as a scientist in your future career.

*With the exception that Data Science cannot be combined with Mathematical Physics in year 1.

  • Are you considering taking Statistics as a subject, which is available in MH201 from year 2, to degree level? If so, taking Data Science in year 1 is strongly recommended. Taking Data Science in year 1 will give you the chance to try out the practical side of analysing and visualising data, while taking Statistics from year 2 will give you a deeper understanding of modelling and analysis techniques.
  • Are you choosing Computer Science in year 1 and considering taking it through to degree level? If so, Data Science in year 1 is highly complementary to year 1 Computer Science: these subjects will combine the hands on practical side of working with data that you will get in Data Science year 1 with the more rigorous programming and database skills that you will learn in Computer Science year 1.
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