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Award Type and NFQ Level: UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE (8)
Course code: CRIM
CAO/PAC code: MH502
Points: 432
QQI: Yes click here for details
Closing date: 01 July 2024
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Maynooth University is one of the few Universities in Ireland to offer the option of studying law with criminology as part of an accredited law degree. Law is taken jointly with Criminology for the three years of the programme. The BCL is a three-year degree in law combined with one other subject. While the BCL covers all the core modules of law, you cover less law than on the LLB (MH501), giving you more time to develop expertise in another subject. The main advantage is that it allows you to combine the study of law with study of another discipline.

  • Students acquire a thorough grounding in the fundamental areas of legal study: including foundational legal principles; legal systems; and the role of Irish, European, and international law.
  • Graduates of this programme will be in a position to take exams for entrance to the Honorable Society of King's Inns in order to begin training as a barrister and are eligible to progress to take the Law Society of Ireland’s FE1 examinations to begin training as a solicitor.
  • By studying Criminology, students examine the causes of crime and society’s reaction to criminality.
  • Unique interdisciplinary programme with perspectives from sociology, psychology and economics, as well as law.
  • Leading international experts with research interests in prisons, the death penalty, human trafficking, counter-terrorism and mental health teach on this programme.
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