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Module code: SW117
Credits: 20
Semester: 1
International: Yes
Overview Overview

The purpose of this module is to enable students to acquire the knowledge and skills essential for fieldwork practice and support them to successfully complete a block fieldwork placement. This requires a demonstration of their professional competence to practice and includes assessment by a social work practice teacher.

The module consists of a series of preparatory seminars and workshops followed by a 500-hour fieldwork placement (with professional supervision in situ as well as monitoring visits from university staff), followed in turn by further seminars/workshops. Full attendance is required at the preparation for placement components of this module and the student must demonstrate suitability to proceed to placement before they will be permitted to commence their practice placement.
Outline Content:
- Reflective learning and reflective practice. Students will be introduced to a range of learning tools including: process recording, journals, critical incident templates.
- Professional supervision. Students will be introduced to a range of models of supervision (including peer supervision) and explore the role of supervision in supporting professional, educational and personal development.
- Use of self: Students will receive instruction in small groups regarding their use of self in practice contexts.
- Learning objectives and plans. Students will be supported in the formulation of learning objectives and in the process of relating these to CORU/SWRB Standards of Proficiency while also situating them within their own evolving sense of professional identity and development.
- Knowledge and skills necessary for placement.

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