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Module code: SPA346
Credits: 5
Semester: 1
Quota: 24
Department: SPANISH
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr David García León (SPANISH)
Overview Overview

This module begins with a brief overview of some of the basic linguistic, cognitive and sociocultural concepts informing Second Language Acquisition (SLA) Theory, and a review of the dominant methodologies of teaching/learning foreign languages. The module concentrates on the didactics of language teaching. Students will learn how to create activities and to assess different components of the Spanish language (e.g. grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary) along with the components of effective teaching tools, such as lesson planning, student needs analysis, materials developments and evaluation tools.

Attendance for this module is monitored regularly. If attendance falls below 70% of session hours, the mark will be capped at 35% for this module. This module condition will not be applied to repeat examinations. Absence owing to medical or other compelling reasons is not penalised. The reason must be established in writing prior to, or immediately (i.e. not more than two working days) after the missed class and evidence provided (normally such evidence would be a Medical Certificate).

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