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Module code: SPA172
Credits: 7.5
Semester: 2
Department: SPANISH
International: Yes
Coordinator: Prof. Valerie Heffernan (SCHOOL OF MODERN LANGUAGES)
Overview Overview

This module introduces students to the ways in which language and culture are interwoven, with a particular focus on Spanish language and Spanish and Latin American culture. It trains students in the skills for exploring language as a system and looks at how linguistic issues are represented in particular examples from film, literature, music, and visual culture.
Students will learn how to identify and talk about linguistic and cultural phenomena and explore how they play out in everyday life. The module will equip students with the vocabulary and terminology to talk about language, as well as helping them to understand how language is used in different social and cultural contexts. Students will have an opportunity to explore this through close reading of different types of aural, oral, written, and digital texts.
This module will consider how language and culture both reflect and shape the way we view the world. It will consist of three units, each of which will focus on a particular linguistic and cultural issue:
Unit 1: Language and Gender
Unit 2: Language and/in the Media
Unit 3: Intertextuality Borrowing and Stealing This module will offer students who want to study a language to degree-level a thorough grounding in the skills necessary for success in their studies. It will also appeal to students with an interest in and passion for languages and how they work in different social contexts.

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