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Module code: SP309
Credits: 2.5
Semester: 2
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr Niamh Flanagan (APPLIED SOCIAL STUDIES)
Overview Overview

This module explores concepts and theories related to ageing, including the development of concepts of social inclusion and social citizenship in old age. It explores the context of social and demographic change, particularly related to ageing, pensions policy, health and long-term care. It covers alternative theories on the significance of ageing societies, the efficiency, distributional and sustainability implications of alternative policy choices. It looks at the issues of ageing and social policy in comparative and European contexts.

As this is a 2.5 Credit module (2 hours per week), please note that this module will run in the second six weeks of semester 2. A separate module runs for the first six weeks of semester 2. While these two modules share a time slot consecutively, they are independent of each other and students may choose to take one or both modules.

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