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Module code: SO324
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
Quota: 100
Department: SOCIOLOGY
International: Yes
Overview Overview

In the ‘new world order’ traditional threats - such as nuclear annihilation - fade while new threats - such as ‘global warming’ - gain currency. The focus on military threats emanating from other states is being contested – despite criticisms from the realists – by a far broader interpretation of security as any factor that conspired against human or individual security. The new conceptualising of security entailed in the term human security– albeit contested by the realist school and the dominant states – is both based on, and leads to, a new understanding of world politics. Human security, its focus on protecting people from threat, risk and negative impact of conflict in the context of globalisation processes, is the main subject of this course. Students will be presented with some social, cultural, economic, and political aspects or facets of contemporary globalisation and in this context security issues will be critically examined from a human security perspective, in its broader and deeper sense. In this way, students will be introduced to the re-conceptualisation of the globalisation debates and the re-visioning of what security means in the 21st Century. The areas of intersection between global human security and development, environment, health, war, migration, and gender policy feature specifically on this course.

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