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Module code: PS349
Credits: 5
Semester: 1
Department: PSYCHOLOGY
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr Philip Hyland (PSYCHOLOGY)
Overview Overview

1. Criminal Behaviour in the population: Facts and figures; 2. Perpetrators and victims of crime; 3. Evolutionary theories of crime; 4. Biological factors and crime; 5. Developmental pathways to crime I; 6. Developmental pathways to crime II; 7. Criminal Thinking Styles; 8. Criminal Social Identity; 9. Psychopathy I; 10. Psychopathy II; 11. Psychopathy III; 12. Case Study of Richard Kuklinski; 13. Juvenile Offending; 14. Serial Killers; 15. Psychology of Homicidal Offending; 16. Sex Offenders; 17. Mental illness and crime I; 18. Mental illness and crime II; 19. Interventions to reduce crime I; 20. Interventions to reduce crime II.

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