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Module code: PH652
Credits: 10
Semester: 2
Department: PHILOSOPHY
International: Yes
Overview Overview

The major purpose of this seminar is to read Hegelís Phenomenology of Spirit to get a sense of the work as a whole and the underlying dynamic and logic that inform it. It is a large and important work, considered by some to be one of the greatest works in the history of western philosophy. While we may not have time to discuss all of it in class, students are asked to make an effort to read as much as possible of the text as a whole. In class we will look at some of the most important parts, with the following emphases: First, simply trying to make sense of what Hegel is saying and what he intends. This means letting Hegel speak on his own terms. Second, formulating some sense of the development in specific parts, as well as of the movement of the work as a whole. Third, formulating some of the main questions that arise in relation to Hegelís thinking in this work. This may mean raising questions in terms other than Hegelís own.

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