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Module EVIL

Module code: PH618P
Credits: 10
Semester: 2
Department: PHILOSOPHY
International: Yes
Overview Overview

To qualify for assessment full attendance is expected at all sessions and assigned readings are to be completed before each session. Participants are required to furnish a short preparatory text for the discussion at each session (no more than 500 words). A final paper is to be submitted to the Theology Office on an agreed topic by 12.00 pm, Friday, 10 December 2010, which is to be no more than 5,000 words (including footnotes and bibliography) and follow strictly the standard presentation guidelines. Your final grade will include recognition of the preparatory texts and participation in discussion (80% final paper, 20% preparatory texts and participation).
Larrimore, Mark (ed.). The Problem of Evil: A Reader. Oxford, Blackwell, 2001.
Adams, Marilyn McCord. Horrendous Evils and the Goodness of God. Ithaca, N.Y. Cornell University Press, 1999.
Eagleton, Terry. On Evil. New Haven Yale University Press, 2010.
John Paul II. Salvifici Doloris On the Christian Meaning of Human Suffering, 1984.

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