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Module code: PH215B
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
Department: PHILOSOPHY
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr Keith Begley (PHILOSOPHY)
Overview Overview

This module is an introduction to an area of applied philosophy that is becoming ever more important in contemporary philosophy and computer science. This is due to a confluence of factors, including various theoretical advances, which has led to the recent rapid progress of powerful machine learning algorithms. The module will strive to treat of the most up-to-date issues arising in the literature and the popular press, and students will be encouraged to make their own contributions to the discussion in this regard. Among the areas covered will be the philosophy of artificial intelligence (AI), including the ethics of AI and data science, and digital ethics more broadly. In particular, the following prominent topics and notions will be considered: The nature of algorithms and machines, Explainability, Interpretability, and Transparency, Trust, Control, Alignment, Feedback (‘human-in-the-loop’), Bias and Fairness, Moral programming, Human-centric AI, Consciousness and ‘Strong AI’, Virtual Reality and the ‘Metaverse’, Computational Creativity, AI and Science. Further, we will discuss the relation between humans and machines, including their interactions and combinations, issues of rights, current legal frameworks, political developments, and the impact of emerging technologies on society. It will also be important for us to keep in mind and consider the role of philosophy itself, and in what ways it can best be applied in the digital age.

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