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Module code: PH206
Credits: 5
Semester: 1
Department: PHILOSOPHY
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr Keith Begley (PHILOSOPHY)
Overview Overview

This module is an introduction to epistemology, the study of knowledge. The module examines a range of historical and contemporary views on knowledge. Above all, we will consider the question What is knowledge?, and explore various kinds and sources of knowledge, the central notions and distinctions that are commonly used in epistemology, and discuss some epistemological issues as they arise in the philosophy of science. We will consider a definition or analysis of knowledge as justified true belief, and discuss each of its three components. We will also attend to a class of problems with this kind of analysis, known as Gettier problems. A number of debates involving prominent competing views and approaches in epistemology will be examined, including: Rationalism and Empiricism, Internalism and Externalism, Foundationalism and Coherentism.

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