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Module code: PD162
Credits: 7.5
Semester: 2
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr Iain Macdonald (DESIGN INNOVATION)
Overview Overview

This module is the application of Design Thinking as a process to discover, define, develop, and deliver creative solutions to real life problems. You will practice Design Thinking as an application that has the potential to develop novel, exciting and powerful new ideas. As a problem-solving toolkit it builds in an understanding of human behaviour into the design of things, products, services, businesses and experiences. Creativity is in high demand in the marketplace. Most organizations, whether public or private sector, seek to grow and develop their business and this involves designing a better version of their organization than they have already or designing a super customer or user experience or even a better business model. Designing, in this context, means applying tools to imagine a superior outcome; it is a way of creative thinking that focuses on action; empathises with the user and builds quick, fast protypes and tests ideas early and often.

The Department of Jobs, Trade, Enterprise & Innovation have singled out Design Thinking as an approach to innovation for which the demand in industry far outstrips the supply of qualified and talented graduates. Many leading organisations, such as SAP, Dell, GSK and some in the public sector, like Coillte, have developed and delivered their own courses for building capability in Design Thinking.

Employers' organisations are encouraging universities to offer courses in this area as they believe having these skills will give students a considerable edge in the workplace.

Live brief
Group work
Research methodologies in practice
Ideation and testing
Prototyping and modelling
Presentation of final design to class

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