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Module code: LW6002
Credits: 10
Semester: 2
International: Yes
Overview Overview

Arbitration law module aims to introduce postgraduate students to the historical origins, theoretical foundations and the development of arbitration law. For this purpose, the course provides a thorough study of the principles and the practice of arbitration law, with particular emphasis on international commercial arbitration, the most important dispute resolution mechanism for cross-border commercial disputes. This module focuses on the experience of arbitration law in Ireland and in other leading arbitration legislations, particularly in an international law setting.

Module Content
The purpose of the course is to provide thorough knowledge of arbitration law, which is today the principal method of resolving disputes between individuals, companies, and countries in connection with international trade and investment. The module is focused on the legal analysis and discussion of issues within essential themes of international commercial arbitration but selected aspects of investment arbitration will also be explored. These topics will include arbitration agreement, difference between institutional and ad hoc arbitration, selection of arbitrators, arbitration procedure, arbitral award, arbitrability, question of applicable law, and recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards. Lecture material will be mostly based on contemporary legal developments including the current case law with an insight into past legal decisions, relevant legal instruments, as well as selected academic literature.

The main focus of the module will be on student-centred learning and the developing of practical legal skills. These skills will include case analysis, writing skills and practical legal research. The lectures will not solely focus on the interpretation of legal rules and caselaw but also give rise to class discussions on challenges faced by participants to arbitration proceedings. Throughout the semester, several leading arbitration law scholars and practitioners will share their expertise with the students in guest lectures.

This module will help prepare students for employment in arbitration law as solicitors, barristers, scholars, or in-house counsels, especially in Ireland which is considered more and more as an ideal arbitral seat.

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