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Module code: LW380
Credits: 5
Semester: 1
International: Yes
Overview Overview

Victimology will provide students with a comprehensive overview of key issues in the study of victims of crime and victimisation. It will allow for intellectual engagement with questions such as:

How does society understand victimisation and apply the label of ‘victim’?

How is victimisation distributed in modern societies?

To what extent does the criminal justice system satisfy the needs and interests of victims of crime?

What rights and services are available to victims of crime?

How else might we respond to the harms caused by victimisation?

How might we apply victimological concepts to those affected by broader social harms?

The aim of this module is to provide students with an understanding of victimological thinking and research and with knowledge about the status of victims in modern societies and criminal justice processes. This module will require students to think philosophically, sociologically and empirically about the topics under study, promoting their intellectual development. The module does not focus entirely on the Irish criminal justice system – rather, it draws on theoretical and empirical literature from a variety of countries and contexts in order to ensure that students leave with a well-rounded understanding of victimisation and victimology.

Some lectures will be delivered by guest speakers. Students will be expected to prepare for, attend and participate actively in lectures over the course of the module.

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