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Module code: LW362
Credits: 5
Semester: 1
International: Yes
Overview Overview

This module examines key issues in contemporary policing, with a particular emphasis on the role of policing in, and its relationship to, the State. The module pays particular attention to, and examines various case studies from, the cycles of scandal and reform that dominate the governance of policing in many states. The module is primarily concerned with approaches to policing in so-called ‘advanced/industrialised democracies’ (i.e. the rich ones). It pays particular attention to states that proclaim ‘policing by consent’ as a foundational normative basis for their police service/s.

Policing and the State critically examines some of the distinct coercive characteristics of ‘democratic’ models of policing, and how modern police forces seek to build and maintain legitimacy for their use of coercive force over diverse and pluralistic populations.

While this module is thematically international in focus, it focuses on key examples from Ireland to explore many of the topics. Critical issues of race, gender, class and the nature of police power will form the analytical core of this course, and will be returned to as we examine each topic.

This module is a stand-alone course of study. Prior study of policing (such as the second year criminology module Policing LW269), criminology or criminal law is helpful, but certainly not necessary. This module welcomes any student with an interest in exploring the nature and extent of police power, from a robust and critical perspective.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

1. Police Collusion in State Violence/Terror
2. Policing Protest
3. Policing Race
4. Policing Gender
5. Police Whistleblowers
6. Police-Media Relations
7. Policing Vulnerability
8. Private Policing
9. Securitization of Policing
10. Policing Migrants
11. Militarization and Police Warrior Culture

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