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Module code: LW308
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
International: Yes
Overview Overview

This module examines a broad range of crimes which fall under the conceptual umbrella of white-collar crime—such as, occupational, corporate, state-corporate, and governmental and state crime. White-collar crimes typically occur within an occupational context, are financially motivated, and rarely involve direct, interpersonal harm, yet, have the capacity to cause harm on a wide scale. Students will draw on criminological theory in examining white-collar crime and its causes. Case studies of white-collar crime will be used to evaluate and identify the limitations of national and international law, regulation, and the criminal justice system more broadly in responding to and preventing white-collar crime.

Topic Outline
• introduction—defining WCC, WCC typologies, the criminalisation and social construction of WCC.
• theoretical perspectives on WCC.
• occupational and avocational crime.
• corporate crime.
• intersections between organised and WCC—enterprise and contrepreneurial crime.
• state-corporate and finance crime.
• state crime, governmental crime, and political WCC.
• techno and cyber WCC.
• policing and regulating WCC.
• prosecuting WCC.
• WCC prevention.

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