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Module code: LW255
Credits: 5
Semester: 1
International: Yes
Overview Overview

The module introduces students to administrative law as a public law subject through discussion and analyses of administrative law theories and functions; the relationship between law and public administration; the examination and analysis of the principles of judicial oversight of administrative power and the examination and analysis of non-judicial tools of oversight of administrative power.

The module lecturer has the discretion to change any aspect of this module may change in any given academic year.
You must take Administrative Law in order to get the exemption for the King’s Inns (Barrister course). You do not need this module for the purposes of the Law Society (Solicitor course).

Module Content:

Theories and functions of administrative law

Principles of judicial review (judicial oversight of administrative power).

Principles of constitutional justice (natural and statutory justice).

The use of discretionary power in public administration decision-making.

The management of expectation (legitimate and non-legitimate) created by public bodies.

Non-judicial oversight of administrative power (tribunals, the Ombudsman).

Regulation of private activity through licensing.

Note: this module is offered in other programmes under code LW255 (Administrative Law in Ireland). Students are not permitted to register for both modules.

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