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Module code: LW223
Credits: 5
Semester: 1
International: Yes
Overview Overview

The focus of this course is on contract and tort. These areas constitute important pillars upon which private law is built. Effective practice in any legal discipline necessitates a thorough knowledge of these rules as well as how these two areas are intertwined. In addition to substantive knowledge, familiarity with and an ability to think critically about its theoretical underpinnings will be an important element to the course.

The law of obligations is the collective term for the constituent sub-topics of contract, torts and restitution (unjust enrichment). Obligations fall under the private law branch (as opposed to public law). Within private law there are proprietary and personal rights. This course focuses on the latter and guides students through the identification process of legal issues categorized under contract and torts. The course approaches obligations from the perspective of a lawyer presented with a problem by a client. The legal questions posed centre on the protection of rights: against whom (if anyone) could a violation of rights be lodged; to what is the rights-holder entitled; from what events do rights arise?

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