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Module code: LW166
Credits: 7.5
Semester: 1
International: Yes
Overview Overview

This module will provide students with an introduction to the study of criminology at university. Students will become familiar with the importance of theory as a means of explaining crime and deviance, and the criminal justice responses to these phenomena. The module will introduce students to some of the primary offence categories, looking in particular at selected serious offences. The module will also overview the history of crime and deviance in Ireland. Students will learn practical skills throughout the module. In particular, students will be supported in learning how to develop skills in academic research, reading and writing.

Topic Outline:
Criminology What is criminology?; History and development of criminology as a discipline.
Crime What is crime?; How do we measure crime?; Statistics and crime trends in Ireland and internationally.
Introduction to theory What is theory, and why is it important?; Overview of the key theoretical traditions in criminology.
Key offence categories Homicide and violence; Sexual offences; Drug offences; Organised crime; Terrorism.
History of crime and punishment in Ireland Crime trends in Ireland since the Famine; the development of criminal justice agencies in Ireland.
Key skills in criminology How to study, research and write at university; Referencing; Reading; Locating Sources; Critical Thinking.

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