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Module code: ID005
Credits: 5
Semester: 1
International: Yes
Overview Overview

The Heroic Cycle or Ulster Cycle is the most substantial body of literature belonging to the pre-Norman period. Students will be introduced to the defining features, themes, motifs and contents of this group of tales through a close study of a number of key texts in English translation. Arguably, the most important text of Medieval Ireland is the Cattle-Raid of Cooley, which features a raid on Ulster by an army led by Queen Medb for the Brown Bull of Cooley. The defence of Ulster falls upon the supreme warrior-hero, Cú Chulainn. Conceptions, births, feasts, battles, cattle-raids, otherworldly outings, courtships and deaths are among the other topics featuring in these narratives. The physical context and landscape setting for these tales, where possible, will be considered. This depiction of early Irish society will also be appraised in the context of archaeological evidence and in a broader European context through a consideration of sources such as the writing of classical authors and other material.

Note: This module will also be available in Semester 2, under the code, ID005X Cultural Heritage and the Early Irish Heroic Tradition.

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