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Module code: HY218
Credits: 5
Semester: 1
Quota: 60
Department: HISTORY
International: Yes
Overview Overview

A broad introduction to the major social, political, economic and cultural developments that impacted Irish life and society from the Act of Union in 1801 to the passing of the Wyndham Land Act in 1903. The module examines key issues such as the impact of the Act of Union; the rise of the Catholic Emancipation and Repeal movements under Daniel O’Connell; pre-Famine agrarian tensions; the cause and consequences of the Great Famine; the birth of the two political ideologies – nationalism and unionism – that defined so much of Irish life and politics in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; the role of the land question that dominated rural society after the Great Famine; the rise of separatist nationalists; emigration; the role of the Big House; and British government responses to the call for Irish social and political reforms.

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