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Module code: GN101
Credits: 15
Semester: 1
Department: GERMAN
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr Jeff Morrison (GERMAN)
Overview Overview

This module aims at developing students' competence in German and is suitable for students who have never studied German before. It also introduces students to the cultures and societies of the German-speaking countries and deepens their knowledge and understanding of them through various media (texts, images, videos, online resources). The module aims at developing confidence and accuracy when using the language in a range of situations, with a view to bringing students to the same standard as the non-beginner students by the end of the first year. It is, therefore, an intensive accelerated course in German language and culture that is designed to provide a solid foundation for students' future studies in German.

This module is aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) at level A1, where the emphasis is on achieving a fundamental level of communication in all four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). A student achieving an overall mark of 60% or higher in this module will have demonstrated linguistic competence commensurate with CEFR level A1.2.

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