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Module code: EP307
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr Marcin Lukasz Gradziel (EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS)
Overview Overview

This module covers various topics in celestial and relativistic mechanics. General relativity is covered at an introductory level.

Module content: Classical & Celestial Mechanics: harmonic motion (simple, damped, forced), longitudinal and transverse waves, the wave equation. Rigid body motion. Newtonian gravitation, celestial mechanics, Kepler's Laws.Special Relativity: Frames of reference, Galilean transformations, the Michelson-Morley experiment, Lorentz transformations, length contraction, time dilatation, equivalence of mass and energy, conservation laws.
General Relativity: Introduction to general relativity, principle of equivalence, gravitational red shift and time dilation, Schwarzschild metric, black holes. Newtonian cosmology & general relativity, expansion of the Universe.

This module specifically addresses the following topics of the Core of Physics, as defined by Institute of Physics:

- Calculus to the level of multiple integrals; solution of linear ordinary and differential equations

- Newton’s laws, conservation laws including rotation

- Newtonian gravitation, Kepler’s laws

- Lorentz transformations and energy momentum relationship

- Mechanical properties of matter to include elasticity and thermal expansion

- Free, damped, forced and coupled oscillations to include resonance and normal modes

- Waves in linear media to the level of group velocity

- Doppler effect

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