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Module code: EP202
Credits: 5
Semester: 1
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr Creidhe O'Sullivan (EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS)
Overview Overview

The aim of this module is to develop a solid understanding of the principles of Electricity, Magnetism, and fundamental Electronics.

Module content

Electricity & Magnetism: magnetic effects of electric currents, magnetic fields, magnetic force on a current carrying conductor, motion of a charged particle in a magnetic field, The Biot-Savart Law, force between parallel conductors, Ampere's Law, field in a solenoid, magnetic flux, magnetism in matter, Faraday's Law, Lenz's Law and induction, transient circuits, resonance.

Electronics: pn junctions, diodes and photodiodes, transistors, amplifiers, introduction to digital electronics, gates, truth tables, flip-flops.

This module specifically addresses the following topics of the Core of Physics, as defined by Institute of Physics:

- DC and AC circuit analysis to complex impedance, transients and resonance

- Gauss, Faraday, Ampère, Lenz and Lorentz laws to the level of their vector expression

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