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Module code: AN310
Credits: 5
Semester: 1
International: Yes
Overview Overview

Security is a frequent concern in our time. This seminar involves critical overviews of surveillance and security studies, historically and in the contemporary moment. Seminar participants will understand how various phenomena, groups of people, or things are constructed and managed as a security threat in a variety of contexts. From predictive policing to crime prevention, from complex security apparatuses such as US national security to the control of migration, and from prepper culture to counterterrorism, we will understand the historical, political, and social dynamics that contribute to the production of (in)security. We will examine processes such as gatedness, risk, preparedness and, of course, the cultural production of fear. From biometric technologies to refugee displacement and from migration control to bioterror, this seminar involves close attention to contemporary examples with the aim of staking out an anthropological position in relation to security.

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