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Module code: AN217
Credits: 5
Semester: 2
International: Yes
Overview Overview

As the hallmark feature of social anthropology, ethnography is at the core of methodological, ethical, and theoretical debates in the discipline. This module is intended as a follow-up of AN210, and invites students to deepen their understanding and knowledge of ethnography as a method, and of ethnographies as the written end result of anthropological research. On one hand, we will study (excerpts from) various kinds of well-known, beautifully written ethnographies (classical, feminist, postmodern, engaged, reflexive, graphic, experimental, etc.), and examine the methodological issues, ethical discussions, and theoretical and political commitments of each kind. On the other hand, we will develop ethnographic writing skills by critically examining issues of style and applying technical tips and tricks for producing beautiful and engaging ethnographic texts. This will be particularly useful to hone studentsí thesis writing skills required in the third year.

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